Maya Holistic Academy

Who are we?


The Holistic Academy (HA) is an association of top professionals from different areas, established with the aim of improving the quality of life and health through holistic methods. In addition to using existing methods, we are also dedicated to developing and implementing innovations in personal development, healthy lifestyle, physical activity and holistic (traditional, integrative and quantum) medicine. Our members and associates are renowned experts in humanistic and medical sciences, traditional and integrative medicine, yoga and meditation, sport and recreation, energy healing and other holistic approaches.

We focus our activities on individuals and teams, but also on complex institutions. We take particular pride in our experience and results in working with top athletes.

From a holistic perspective, working on oneself results in an increase in energy potential, mental peace and emotional stability.



Mission - supporting people in their efforts to develop their potential and live in harmony with themselves

Vision - we are the first organisation established to enhance the quality of life

System of values:

- We believe in professionalism based on experience and skills, which we possess
- We are fully dedicated and devoted to our clients
- We offer our clients what we ourselves believe in – solutions based on both reason and intuition
- We perceive every client comprehensively and holistically
- In our work, we nurture harmonious relationships, among ourselves and with our clients
- We share our inspiration with clients and motivate them to work on themselves

Aim - Only healthy individuals make a healthy society. A healthy individual has increased awareness, good health and harmonious relationships.


When working with us, you will go through the following steps:

Step 1: a holistic entrance interview

Step 2: an internal situation analysis carried out by the HA team

Step 3: a proposal for a program

Step 4: training for the program

Step 5: periodic checks