Dragana Balić

Certified Instructor of Group Fitness programs (College for Sports and Health), certified Yoga Instructor, member of European Yoga Alliance and World Yoga Alliance. Furthermore, spirituality and art are two spheres of interest which have marked her life since an early age. She studied World Literature and Design.

In 2001 she gained her first knowledge about yoga and personal development in a school of Kundalini Tantra which she has since then revisited for seminars many times, while shaping her own path of personal development. In 2007 she completed a course of training at the College for Sports and Health for a Pilates and Group Fitness Programs Instructor. In this period she also completed a course for a Yoga Instructor in Dragan Lončar’s Vidya School of Yoga. Shorty after, she also completed a Meditaion course in this school.

Dragana has continued her personal development and professional improvement for working with others in numerous seminars and workshops as well as through personal practice. Seminars of particular importance for her were with Walter Thirak Rut, an authentic yogi from Italy, as well as Iyengar Yoga seminars. She has taken part in many other important seminars. Dragana has been working as a yoga instructor for 10 years and she has defined her own style which is a combination of classical Hatha yoga, therapeutical exercises and Vinyasa flow yoga. From 2009 to 2015, she was the manager of Life Center, one of the biggest yoga centers in Belgrade at the time.

In recent years, she has played with her band in many festivals, promoting Kirtan as a simple form of meditation, recommended by many authorities as one of the best methods to raise the level of consciousness nowadays. She organizes evenings of Kirtan and gives workshops which involve tantra and yoga and have proved to be very interesting in developing emotional awareness and communication and in improving all kinds of relationships.