Harmonise your life and yourself

Techniques for personal development

Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, breathing exercises, guided meditation, psychological support, coaching, etc.

Holistic health support

Quantum Medicine, homeopathy, holistic medicine, Chinese traditional medicine, etc.

Corporate programs

Team building, wellness day, business yoga, office yoga, lectures and workshops, business consulting, etc.

Other programs

Traditional space planning, detox and anti-stress programs, specialised individual programs, etc.

From Maja to Maya

For many, Maja Popov is the first name they have ever heard of related to yoga in our region. For over two decades in the Serbian environment, Maja has been building her recognisable style and approach. In cooperation with other experts from various other areas of personal development, she has been helping people to recover their health and to enhance their lives in discovering their true desires and dreams.

If we transcribe Maja as Maya, not only will it read in the same way almost everywhere around the world, but it will also imply a multitude of wonderful symbolic meanings in many different cultures. In Sanskrit, Maya means illusion, and it stands as a reminder of the illusory nature of desires and sufferings, pointing us in the right direction towards well-being. In Hindu mythology this is another name for goddess Durga, and in Japan, Maya is the name of Buddha’s mother. In Hebrew, Maya means spring and in Persian – generosity. The Maya are an ancient tribe from northern Mexico who left behind a wealth of precious knowledge. In Nepal, Maya means love, and in Roman mythology, Maya was the goddess of spring and fertility.


Holism and a holistic way of life

What is actually holism?

Holism is a universal understanding that the body, in the physiological, emotional and social senses can only function as a whole. In the holistic approach to health, human body is not seen as a collection of separate parts, but rather as a complex system of interconnected and interdependent vital processes. A holistic way of life means using different humanistic and medical sciences, traditional and integrative medicine, yoga and meditation, sport and recreation, energy healing and other holistic methods. The purpose of holism is physiological, psychological and social equilibrium.


The way it works

The Holistic Academy promotes the concept of a healthy, balanced and responsible life. This concept assists the individual in developing self-responsibility and raising one’s awareness of one’s mental, emotional and physical health. Nowadays, there are numerous techniques and skills which can help individuals to harmonise themselves with their inner being as well as with their environment. Healthy eating habits, proper breathing, doing appropriate yoga poses and daily mental relaxation will reinforce and enhance our HEALTH, STRENGTH AND ENERGY!