Željko Mojsilović

Željko belonged to and was at the head of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit of the Serbian Police. He also managed the Crisis and Hostage Negotiations Team for 10 years. He finished Secondary school for Internal Affairs and graduated from the Faculty of Business Studies in Belgrade. He completed specialist studies and then got an MS Degree and a PhD from the Faculty of Security in Belgrade, gaining the title of a PhD in Security, Defense and Protection. He acquired additional qualifications in different courses in the fields of training organization, management, leadership, managing human resources etc. He has had several books and papers published in vocational and scientific magazines.

In addition to his dedication to his work and education, he has also been committed to sports for over 20 years (jiu jitsu, IPSC, archery, tennis, mountaineering, etc.) as well as to acquiring education in the area of personal development (yoga, meditation, NLP, reiki, coaching, quantum harmonization, etc.). He is a certified instructor of yoga, reiki yoga and a teacher of meditation, as well as a coach and a reiki practitioner. In the past 10 years he has been working with athletes, individual clients and groups interested in enhancing their potential and achieving their goals using different holistic methods.